Broken heart

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I used to wait for you to realize that I am the one for you.

I once used to come to you for everything that mattered the most.

I once used to look at you like the one who would conquer the world on my behalf.

All the pains are giving me the hope to fight.

Now look at me believing that there could be better out there, but still I need the strength to go on, be strong and to move on. if only I had the strength to and not feel the pain.

I can’t guard this brace heart of mine from this particular pain despite the fact it happens over and over again.

How to survive a heart-break; they say it takes time but does the wound ever heal or do you get consumed by the pain of hurt?

It’s normal to go through a heartbreak, it helps you grow in  more ways than you can imagine.

Never let it break you totally but rather let it start you on a great Journey.


This post is me being extremely vulnerable and going back to why I started my blog.

So Comment and share if you think someone needs to see this post.

I just hope I can encourage someone out there with these words as they have encouraged me.

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