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Hi, guys am back again with tips for those who have trouble finding an outfit or those who are trying to find their style .

  1. Get Practical inspiration : its important that we get inspiration like people who you love the way they dress and try to either recreate their style or get your own inspiration . You can also write it down just in case I do that so just try to find people who their style inspire you to want to dress better .
  2. Finding your Style: finding your style is  key when it come to people who hardly know what to wear or how they want to present themselves to the world .Like coco Chanel would say Dress shabbily and people would remember the dress ,dress impeccably and people will remember the woman .Finding your style is finding out what works for you and what help you show people who you are .
  3. Remember what works even when everything else seems not to be working : This is simple, always remember what works,  what you look best in for the days you  can’t seem to find what to wear in as much as its looks good , for example a pair of tees and skinny jeans or even a body con dress that works.img_0358
  4. Trust your Guts:Always trust your guts when you don’t feel right in an outfit just trust your guts and move on to the next option.
  5. You must not  always get it right the 1st time : When its comes to style you must not always get it right .Everybody goes through a phrase of weird outfits choice I did but it helped me be better even when  it comes to outfits we can also fail but choosing the wrong set of clothes , but that shouldn’t stop you rather it’s should inspire you.
  6. Try shopping alone :Try shopping alone without friends and see what you buy and how you work with them.
  7. Learn to work with what you have gotten: learn to work with what you have and you would be surprised with the turn out .
  8. Dress how you want to be addressed : Like I always say your outfit help determine how you would be addressed so dress the way you want to be addressed.img_3082
  9. Find Clothing that fit and flat your shape : I can’t emphasize on this enough buy clothes that are just your size not too small, not too big, just right and also make sure  its flatters  your shape .
  10. Be Confident :No matter the outfit you wear if you are not confident enough to rock trust me that will defeat the whole purpose of this exercise, So ladies be comfortable and be confident cause am sure you look good but confidence takes your look to another level.

Bonus tip : Heels makes every outfit look so  different ,So find the most comfortable pair of heels and rock it with any outfit and bang you have a totally different outfit.

I really hope this post helps cause I really loved writing it ,  Anyways don’t forget to comment and ask me any question I  will definitely answer.



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