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1)The White Tee : A simple white t-shirt is a must for every one, Trust me I can’t emphasize enough on how important a white tee is,and it can be paired with everything. It can be worn on a dress, with a skirt or with a pair of jeans .A white tee for me is a must and if you have  other colors of Tees that great, If not always have a white tee.white-teewhite-tee2white-tee-3

2) A Pair Of Blue Jeans : This is one essential that every one should have a pair of  blue Jeans  is ideal for everybody, No matter your body shape and  its goes with every top or shirt you can decide to dress it up or dress it down ,depending on where you are going .

3) A Pair Of Black Flat Shoes : Owning a pair of black flat shoes are a must for every woman . It can be a paired with any outfit depending on the type of flat shoe you get or want to buy. .


4) A Little Black Dress : An LBD  is a must for every girl . It can be dressed  up and you can also dress it down.You can wear it to work like pair it with a button up blouse and a pair of heels and you are good to go ,It can be paired with a Tee-shirt and trainer or you can simply pair it with heels  for a date.


5) A Pair Of Heels : Heels are a must in every womans  wardrobe. As a lady,  you should have a least a pair of heels in your  wardrobe .Heels always adds a little spice to the outfit, Its makes an outfit  different  from how it would look with  a pair of flat shoes or flat sandal .


These are the five basic essentials every girl should own in their wardrobe, these are just examples of what your basic wardrobe essentials should be like . Definitely going to be doing a part two (2)  .

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