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Hi guys, Missed me?

Anyways, I recently saw the movie” Confession of a Shopaholic” again and I was amazed how I share similar character with her, I actually love Shopping. You know the feeling when you go to your favorite store or online store and you see variety of beautiful pieces and the feeling when you actually purchase and the excitement of waiting to receive your order or how you cant wait to wear that outfit then after a while you move on to the next new thing, lol.


 Blogging for me is a great way to express the craziness that goes on in my head. I always loved writing as a child and I still love it. Today there is one thing I love more than writing, and that is shopping. It’s a therapy for me, hence my love for fashion…the ability to create something out of little things and the ability to know how to combine this pieces gives me joy. I have this crazy thing where I go on websites like Boohoo, Asos with intention of window shopping and before I realize it I’m buying. So here I am writing this to help out all my fellow shopaholics out there.

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1. When you go to a store or a website: Create a wish list/ Take picture of the Outfit/s and save it on your phone or in the wish list on the website and Save it for later. Trust me this will come in handy when you have an event and you really don’t have what to wear and you go on your phone or your wish list and you can then get the outfit.

2. I am a big fan of ” if can’t stop thinking about it buy it if it’s a “NEED” not a want”: the word Need is emphasized there cause a lot of us tend to confuse the two or even give ourselves reason to shop just because we want it.

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3.  As shopaholics we tend to be “huggers”. I don’t mean that you literally hug, people but the tendency to hold on to pieces that we haven’t worn in months. Please help out those who can’t afford or even sell the pieces at a lower rate and create more room in your closet.

4. Stop being in denial that you are a shopaholic in as much as you try to deny yourself you  only hide your true passion.

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5. Be wise in your spending

Till next time😘😘😘👏👏

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