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Currently loving some trends that are in right now and I cant help but talk about it.

The Gingham style trend

The Print speaks for themselves, they are so easy to dress up whether it’s a shirt or a dress.

gingham 2

g 22.jpg

Boy friend jeans 

I can’t emphasize on how much I love the jeans they are  so comfortable and you don’t have to struggle to fit in it as much as you struggle for the skinny jeans.

boyfriend jeans 2


 Deconstructed Shirts 

When I first came across this trend, I was not sure it would last in the fashion world but right now I think it’s here to stay.


Off Shoulder tops 

These one literally speak for its self cause I believe everyone has to own one at some point its being in for a while.

off the new33-off-shoulder-tops 222

Side Slit

This is a slit on the side of a dress or a skirt and its looks amaze balls. Legs are shown no matter how the slit is placed.

slit 2slit 3

Slogan tee:


This tee screams dress me up, its can be worn with jeans or with a dress.

Pajamas trends

Now this trend am in awe of this trend, I cant wait to get my hands on a set to rock and i would definitely be putting up here. I love the fact that you can dress it with heels or trainer. How i love to be comfortable .


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