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Hi guys, 

Who is a friend?

What does each of your friendships mean to you?

Normally I always feel inspired when I get hurt by certain things or someone, but I am not hurting, I am just tired of the BS. We have to believe that someone is our friend and then you realize that they pity you or judge you, when they have no business doing that.

Every friendship I have is precious to me in a particular way but not all are the same. I get that people leave to make room for better people but the friends we leave behind what happens to the sour taste that exist from the void they created.

Do people even understand what it means to be a friend before they claim to be one,Maybe it’s just me that make a big deal about friendship that should show you I think my friendship through.

 I don’t just call anyone my friend and I don’t compare all my friends cause we all have our strengths.

 Someone once told me anytime I consider someone a friend I should make sure the person earns every letter of the word “friend”.
I am really beginning to understand that you need to understand where each friendship lies and deal with ups and downs as they come and the possibilities of outgrowing them or vice versa.

Friendship can mean different things to different people. For some people it is simply the trust that someone will not hurt you, For others it might be unconditional love or just normal companionship. Whatever your own definition is, friendship is often considered as a mutual and agreeable relationship between two individuals or more and that’s a good thing, as it has been said that a person who finds a true friend has found a priceless treasure.

I think we as human being need to rethink the concept of friendship or maybe I do. But this is just my opinion and I am going to do better this year in my friendship so my lovely readers, try to be better in various friendship and do better.  

Till next time my lovely readers. 

Don’t forget to learn something new every day no matter how little it’s may seem.

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