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Remember when we were growing up we all had our lives planned out ;First Nursery school, Primary school,secondary school, Be a university  graduate by 21,Maybe then Masters  then get a job then get married at 24 then have kids at 26 then live happily ever after .

I had that dream till i was about to finish university and i wondered what my life would be like cause i realized i was not born to get a job i was born to be a job creator .

In Nigeria we have a one (1) compulsory NYSC scheme where they post you to another state you never thought you would go serve your father land and after that i got a job  my life is on track most people would think or say ,but after that life automatically works out but nah you realized that you have grown , you now plan your Finances,relationship and how to handle yourselves. Your whole life is now in your hand, No more uncles and Aunts or even your parents and that when its hits you,You have to grow up whether you want to or not if not  you are on your own .


Life begins after school which most of us and even the ones still in school are not even  prepared for, we need to realize that Life isn’t easy, and Nigeria is making life even harder for Nigerians. The labor market is so choked up, it will take extra power for an angel to pass through. There is hardship in every corner of the country and the earlier you realize these things, the better for you and also you are never too young to do your own thing.

There are a lot of graduates  today who still depend on their parents , Trust me when I say you think taking money from your parents  is hard now your still in school. Its  much more harder when you finish from the university .

My advice is start thinking of the direction you want your life to move towards and start  working towards it. I wish I  had this kind of advice while i was in school cause you are never too young to become who you are destined to be . Remember that no matter what ever problems you encounter is all part of making you who you are supposed to be .

Always remember the network of friend determine your net worth .

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