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You know that Saying where people see you as a new person in town, and they say you are One Of Those Johnny Just Come .872084

Bus conductors calling passengers,sound of worn our vehicle engines, people talking in different languages I can’t seem to understand, I don die .

I recently moved to Lagos from Portharcourt I was both excited about moving to a new environment and a little blue leaving my family, but hey,it’s Lagos so my joy outweigh the sadness. I live and work in Lekki which is residence to folks above the poverty margin & ‘m grateful to God for his placement in my life.Lagos s a big city in which you can do what ever you want i have been in Lagos for Almost a year now and i won’t lie living here has its ups and  its down but here  I am 11 months and am still learning how to Cope.


Yes this is Lagos,more or less like the little London if you are in its upland buh hey, it’s not all that rosey for me,oh! Wait,it’s not rosey at all. Here are a few difficulties I have experienced.
First,if you don’t have a car in Lagos omo you will understand what i am saying. I have to take taxi and pay a lot of money to get to places and at times I have to enter a bus,that  is the worst feeling ever. Body odor from passengers,smell from the bus,& I have to endure all of this,chai I pity my Chanel perfume,it’s got a lot of work to do.
Secondly,Cost of living in Lagos is high as compared to the garden city,port harcourt,where I come from. Feeding, transport,basic necessities would eat deep into your pocket & before you consider saving,your account don red. In order not to go broke you have to deny yourself  a lot.
In order to live in Lagos,cook your own food.

Thirdly,Lagos is a big town and trust me when I say you need to b so always need to b on the alert,know the right person to ask questions on the road if not you are OYO(on your own)

Anyways Guys this is what I have found challenging since I got here thanks for allowing me rant.




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