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Hi guys, Today post is about letting go ,We need to learn to let go of certain things in our life; No matter how much  it’s hurts. As humans we tend to hold to our hurts,our pains and our pride. It’s hurts more to hold on than to let go and when you don’t have God in your life , Emptiness walks in and insecurities creep in the make you feel like you are not enough .we are enough not because people say it, but because our creator says it .


Whenever you hold on to things that people have done to you or what has happened to you at that moment,you forget to appreciate what is right in front of you and are blinded by pain that the hurt seems like the only thing you have going on.

I don’t know what you are going through at this moment you are reading this but I want you to know  that you are not alone.I see a lot of people committing suicide on Facebook and am amazed, like why take your life when you have so much to be grateful  for and just because you cant see it this moment doesn’t mean it’s not there.


The post is about letting go of Anger ,pain ,hatred ,betrayal etc. Just be strong , In book of Psalm 147:3 he healeth the broken heart and bindeth their wound.

Let go my friend, let it go life is too short for you to hold on to the pain and the anger. Pray your way through your struggles.

It took me a lot to let go of certain things in my life but when I did it felt good and life got better.

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My advice is remember who you are when the problems  to bring you down.

This post is dedicated to  everyone who is a place of pain ,unhappiness or feeling like your not good enough, you are good enough and as for that feeling it will go away with time, you just need to be patient and have faith that you will be fine .

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