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Hi guys,

How are you doing today?

Today post is a bit different and it’s has been on my mind. Quick question, why do people feel entitled to an opinion on how i should look or be?

Dont answer that 🤪

Anyways back to seriousness: Ever since I saw a picture of Shirley b eniang on Instagram I just felt we are perfectly imperfect so why care.

We all look in the mirror and want to change certain things about our body And that’s OK, but what about the things we can’t really change? What do we do? Cut them off? Hell no, we must learn to appreciate our flaws and imperfections cos these are the things that make us unique, special and don’t forget the good book says “ …ye are wonderfully and fearfully made” .

Now to my frustration, I am tired of people and their BS. of how I should live my life or how my body should be.

It’s my body so please drink water, rub coconut oil, stand under the sun and glow as you mind your  business.

It’s enough that i have that voice in my head telling me “you are not perfect” and yet again another person goes and tattoos the same idea ‘m trying to eradicate in my head even more.

Focus on your own  life and leave my body alone, Na your body? *sighs*

Then again there is another set, those who become dietitians just for me, Let me address you lots directly …. “I have been there and its was hell for me so i chose to love my not so flat Tommy and accept my rolls as they are, I’d do the work I need to get in shape but until that happens, Biko! Let me drink water and drop the cup”….

And finally, what is it with people telling what to be upset about and what not to be? Na your vex? We all have preferences and just cos mine doesn’t conform to the conventional self righteous hypocritical mediocre …..*takes a breathe pause**…… doesn’t mean my views are  invalid. Morals are subjective to mindset and basic belief. So please let me vex my vex in peace.

I am tired of people telling me how to live my life.

Anyways this post was me ranting about the unnecessary pressure people put on me and ‘m sure some of you can relate.

Set: Pretty little things  bought separately.

Sandals: Fashion nova.

Bag : Balogun market.

Till next time.

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