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Hi guys,

I went to the saloon some days ago, and it got me thinking about what someone said about her friend who had been engaged twice with both relationship ending abruptly.  The first relationship ended because the guy’s mum didn’t like her attitude and the second one was because the guy walked away because of her demeanor. Let’s look at it from this angle you can’t keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

There is choice,

you have a voice.
Don’t let the pain burn in,
be transparent as can be.
Truly love what is underneath,
do not let them steal which is truly real.
Remember to feel,
every emotion in range.
Do not disengage,
this how we become inflamed.
Only you can make this change!
“Abigail Sheard”

Self-growth can also be looked at from the angle of becoming better at what you want to do or working on your flaws, but to me they both go hand in hand. When do you know as a woman that despite the fact that people think it’s a man world , It does not negate our Inconsistency and  stop us from striving to be the better. As a woman I feel it’s necessary to focus on your becoming a better version of yourself.


Steps to self-growth

1. Accept your flaws.

2. Figure out what you need to work on.

3. Work through your weakness and work on your strength.

4. Create a plan. 

5. Take your failure with a pinch of salt.

6.  Motivate yourself. 

7. Take your life off what other people are doing and focus on developing yourself.

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