Through the eyes of a first timer LFDW 2017

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Hey guys, I attended my 1st fashion week and I was able to attend 2 days out of 4 days. I  got to see different styles and gained new knowledge of how to style better. I heard about the (LFDW17) like 2 months ago, I quickly signed up to join the fun.


It took place at Eko Atlantic from the 25th-28th October, 2017. I attended the runway show on the 2nd day and got to see designers like About that curvy life, Davido and orange culture collaboration. This was  a gathering of creative and like-minded people and it was totally worth the wait. This year’s edition was hosted by Heineken with Maybelline as a makeup sponsor. it  literally made my month.



This year, it included a lounge called the ” Creative Lounge” for bloggers and creative minds to meet and share ideas and I was only able to be in there on the last day and  enjoyed every moment of it. I was able to attend like two of the fashion talks and it was very educational.


 Tips to attending Lfdw18

# Go with a friend

# Try to mingle if you go alone

# Go with your own water and cash.

# Be comfortable with your outfit, Dont go over board trying to impress people.

# Take lots of pictures….


See you there ……

Till next time

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