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Hi guys,

I wrote this post to someone who tried so hard to destroy the light in me.

Dear Thief,

You stole my privacy in order to make me cry, Yes I cried, but because I cried I became stronger, you thought you could bring me down and you almost won, but I refuse to let you win, I refuse to give you the right to kill the joy God has put in my heart.

You wanted to destroy the light that God gave me, but I can assure you that the light is way stronger than you expected it to be. No matter what you throw at me, i am  going to be fine.

At times I wonder how people can be so callous to do the wicked things they do. The funny part is you don’t even know what could trigger another person causing them to hate you so much or even want  to harm you.

I want to use this medium to say i’m sorry to all those I have hurt intentionally and unintentionally. No one is born bad, the world shapes us into what we are.

This is a message to every naive girl or boy out there, the world is a strange place and there are bad people in as much as there are good ones, you just need to trust your instinct all the time and hold God close to your heart. 

I promise you no matter what another person does to you,it will never  break you more than its supposed to.

Learn to rise from your fall like an eagle that rises up from its own downfall .

You are way stronger than you think.

Till next time

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